Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Day

I had a very fun day I went to the Bluffs, Golden Corral, and the Naval Aviation Museum.
The coolest thing about my day is that I found my future husband! I am going to tell you a little about him...DO NOT scroll down this post and look at the picture at the bottom just read the post first.

So my future husband is a little older than me, he's a really good listener, he's tall, When we get married I will do all of the driving( and he won't even care!), he doesn't care where we go at ALL! He really is a great guy...the only problem is he doesn't ALL! And everybody calls him a dummy. :(

Here we are!

Isn't he handsome...NOT!


The Kid said...

Girl, my parents cracked up laughing when I told them that story at the dinner table last night. "He will be her model" "The only downside is that people call him a dummy" that's what my dad said.
See ya Sunday!!

Love ya,

The White's said...

You make me laugh, Sarah!
When I met him there was another girl in the picture (behind the desk) he was talking. Who is she?
He is a very popular guy though. Andrew has a picture with him on our blog!


Anonymous said...

Even a "DUMMY" would know that my baby would be a great catch!
But you can do better!
Your Mother did just a little better!(Smilley thing goes here)


lovely loser said...

that's nothin'!

i have a picture of michele holding hands with the statue at the war memorial by the riverwalk in downtown.

i'll have to find it and show you!

in Christ

p.s. love what your paw-paw said!