Monday, May 24, 2010

A Simple Reminder

Day after day she sits looking out her parlor window as a prisoner behind the rusty, strong bars of her cell. Children, who pass by skipping and singing rhymes they picked up from their friends on their long dusty walks through the streets, suddenly stop as if by curiosity to look upon the figure, almost lifeless, molded into the frame of the window. As towns people and visitors walk down her street they can not help but notice her house.
The house sinks into the ground pulling all of its surroundings to the underworld with it. The countenance of the house is dispirited and dreary. The house accomplishes its goal everyday: to make people feel the pain and agony the years had brought it. On the inside of the house there is a fireplace that has been neglected for so long that just the look of it sends frigid vibes through your body and chokes all feelings of warmth. The spiders, on the other hand, find the accommodations quite fitting and to show their appreciation take to decorating her walls with their art.
The house, in order to keep its prisoner from ever breaking free of her chains, shuts her off from the outside world. The house has a way of making people feel the way it does, this includes the victim. She is like the inside of her house, no warmth fills the lonely corners of her heart.
She is isolated from all other human life forms. No one knows for sure why she sits there day after day. Maybe it's because sitting there watching people pass by and children play reminds her of the days when she too was young and care free. Or maybe she is a prisoner ever being watched by her overseer, her house. only one thing is certain about her sitting there: she is a story for most children at the dinner table, a reminder to some to be thankful for the love of their family and companions, a reminder to all to be content.